Clover SC (donation)

Clover SC (donation)

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Clover SC (donation) v0.4.1 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

Please read carefully before buying :

This application is the same as the currently `Clover Stylus Checker`.
Only as for the following person, please purchase the this donation version.

- You endorses the Clover SC production intent, and you want to pay compensation for the effort
- You want to bear the development costs because you wants to continue to develop Clover Paint
- You want to bear the development costs so want a version of Windows 8 of Clover Paint and Clover SC
- You want a simple and light sketch app, such as pen strokes specification of Clover SC
- The above does not matter, but you bless money because the author is too poor

However you have purchased in any reason, please let me know at reviews column or e-mail
(Gmail account that was used to purchase)
I listened to take into account that feedback from an avid user.

If the demand donation version sold to some extent, and that want to be used as a sketch app is many, I might implement the following features.

- Save to PNG
- Link between to Clover Paint
- Support for Cloud storage
- Some adjustments of brush and pressure using the ini file
- Gallery

Anyway, I plan to settle a bonus app feeling degree of gratitude to those who donated.
As long as there is no significant response than expected me, the main development will be Clover Paint.
Please do not expect too much.

In Clover Paint/Memo v1.19 or later, can use a part of low latency feature of the Clover SC.
If you purchase the donation version, and once you are running it, brush parameters are added to the end of the brush settings.
However, because it is only a bonus feature and does not recommend the purchase for the purpose of this.

Please see the blog for more information. (Consideration about delay) (Users manual)

Android 2.2 and up

Tablet size terminal corresponding to the electromagnetic induction stylus
- GALAXY Note 10.1
- GALAXY Note 8.0
- HTC Flyer
(Of course, you can use in ThinkPad Tablet, but I am not recommending because it has a long delay)
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