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Depixelizer v1.9 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

This is a Pixel Painter App for retro videogame graphics. The App comes with a twist: It contains an Implementation of the `Depixelizing Pixel Art` Algorithm by Johannes Kopf and Dani Lischinski. With this feature, you can turn your Pixel Art into Vector Graphics.

- full featured pixel painting App with various paint tools
- comes with predefined color palettes
- load and save from and to gallery
- turns retro pixel graphics into vector graphics
- depixelized vector graphics can be exported to SVG
- depixelized graphics can be stored as Hi-Res PNG

The SVG and Hi-Res PNG Export are now for free, however we would *really* appreciate a contribution, as this was a very tricky algorithm to implement.

Whats New
Version 1.9:
* Fixed crash when loading images that are too large for editing
* Fixed Typos
* Fixed Crash in Donation workflow
Version 1.8:
* further fixes for the color picker layout on very small screens (buttons should always be visible now)
* fixed various crashes
Version 1.7:
* fixed missing control elements, when loading big images
* fixed bug on orientation change, leading to app crash
* fixed color-picker layout for small screens, so buttons are better
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