Police Lights and Sirens Platinum (Pt.) Edition

Police Lights and Sirens Platinum (Pt.) Edition

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Police Lights and Sirens Platinum (Pt.) Edition v4.60 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

Authentic emergency siren sounds, use your phone to play an authentic red & blue strobe lights. Choose between display animation featuring emergency sirens and lights effects!

Police Lights and Sirens Platinum (Pt.) Edition is the Ultimate police sirens app.

Use your phone to display lights effects like a police car or fire truck.

You can turn ON or OFF the siren sound.

Police Lighting features:

* Keep you from danger by warning or noticing others
* Easy to use built-in light effects sequences
* Multiple preset light effects
* 5 unique lights effects
* Fire truck siren lights effects
* Realistic and detailed graphics of a stungun
* Powerful electric stungun sound effects
* Stungun animation with flash effect using the on-camera LED lights
* Stungun animation with vibration using smartphone haptic feedback

Police Siren features:
* A loud siren to draw people`s attention on street
* Siren sound
* Manual siren button

Use cases features:
* Use the light at rock, electro swing dance, house, hip hop and electronic music concerts.
* Use the lights as disco lights at electropop music concerts.
* Use the light in tactical situations or play cosplay with your friends with the ultimate police lights!

Police Lights and Sirens Platinum (Pt.) Edition is the Ultimate Application for anyone who is looking for the Best Police Lights Effects and Sirens Sounds.


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Whats New
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