Wedding Planner

Wedding Planner

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Wedding Planner v1.1.6 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Wedding Budget Planner helps you to prepare the wedding budget at any point of time. You can use it to plan the budget for pre shopping, bride maids and groomsmen shopping, florist and decoration expenses, ring ceremony, reception, gifts and keepsakes and finally the honeymoon. So you can use this simple application for budget preparation for the special event. It allows you to save and edit the inputs.

You can download the complete budget as a CSV file. Using the reset option you can start with new budget plan. It’s a handy tool for Weddings and event planners to provide quotes, the bride to be or groom to be can use it to keep any eye on the budget and expenses and plan accordingly.

It contains the detailed check-list with covers every aspect of the event venues to the preparation and execution of contracts. You can keep filling the expenses as they come.
The wedding events are kept in sequence to simplify the budgeting process as follows.

✔ Pre shopping
Covers the shopping for rings, dress for bride, suit for groom and other.
✔ Bridesmaids and Grooms men shopping
Provide expense details for the shopping done for bridesmaids and groomsmen (best man, best woman).
✔ Flowers
Expenses for florist, bride`s bouquet, buttonhole, ceremony, reception, and limo.
✔ Ceremony
Venue, officiants, musicians, registrar fee, decorations, limo, vehicles parking.
✔ Reception
Venue, guest stay, band D.J. music, bar cake, catering, menu.
✔ Gift and keepsakes
Bridesmaids gifts, grooms-men gifts, photographer, videographer, thank you notes, guest keepsakes, local rituals.
✔ Honeymoon
Air travel, cruise trip, land travel, accommodation, spending, attractions and locations.

Key highlights and Features:
✔ The detailed CSV download option provides you to save wedding budget. You can any-time start with fresh budget after saving the results and starting from initial (zero or surplus). The reset option allows you to restart from scratch, just on a tap.
✔ No registration required once the application is downloaded.
✔ Optimized for tablet and higher resolution devices.
✔ Display currencies as per the device locale.
✔ Give the complete budget on starts up.
✔ Graphical view with summary and details to get better insight.
✔ Interactive and easy to use sliders to adjust values and displays the results in easy to visualize charts.
✔ Rate and share options.
✔ No advertisement and no internet connection required after installation.
✔ Compact and easy to use design

Whats New
Customization options for all events & minor bug fixes.
UI updates & minor bug fixes.
Reset Data.
Easy data layout for CSV file.
Retina Display Support - upto 640DPI.
Graph enhancements with legends
Social, share and CSV format upgrade
Usability Enhancements, Design updates
Design changes for Tablets & Smartphones
Added country selection.
Support within app for world`s major currencies like U.S. dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Chinese Yuan, British pound, Indian rupee and more.
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