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Setting Wizard Lite v1.3.2 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

Who needs smart actions when you have a setting wizard? Setting Wizard gives you complete control over common Android settings by allowing you to create profiles that automatically change your settings when certain conditions are met. Here are just a few examples of what Setting Wizard can do:

* Keep your phone on vibrate unless it is plugged into a charger
* Set your screen to maximum brightness when you arrive at the park
* Improve your battery life by automatically turning off power draining features such as Wi-Fi when the battery is low
* Disable notification sounds when you go to sleep and automatically re-enable them in the morning

Setting Wizard has a simple interface that makes it easy to create the profiles you want. Integration with Google Maps makes it easy to define conditions based on the locations you specify, and location update customizations ensure that your battery life is maintained. A simple home screen widget allows you immediately activate or deactivate any profile you create. Profiles can change the following settings:

* Ringer mode (normal, silent, vibrate)
* Alarm, touch-tone, media, notification, ringtone, system, and call volume
* Ringer and notification vibrate
* Default phone, notification, and alarm ringtone
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
* Screen timeout and brightness
* Auto-rotate screen
* Speaker
* Airplane mode (for Android versions below 4.0)
* Auto-sync

Profiles can automatically activate or deactivate based on the following conditions:

* Power plugged
* Battery level
* Wired headset plugged
* Location
* Time and day
* Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
* Call state and call contact
* Screen on or off
* Car dock

Profiles can also modify or be conditioned on the state of other profiles, allowing an endless number of configuration options.

Your phone works like magic with Setting Wizard.

Setting Wizard Lite has a 3 profile limit.

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Fixed notification bar icon for Android 4.3 and later
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