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Urban Biker – Bike Computer

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Urban Biker – Bike Computer v3.6.5 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

`Bicycle is the most efficient human-powered means of transportation in terms of energy a person must expend to travel a given distance.`

We built an app to match the reputation!

★ Maximum battery duration – enjoy day-long tour rides knowing that battery power will last.
★ Maximum privacy – track data is stored on device only, not sent over the Internet.
★ No Internet connection needed – Internet is needed for features like online Maps, but is not required.
★ Detailed track recording – tracks are saved to standard GPX files and detailed graphs are created for various ride parameters such as speed, power or altitude, in vector SVG/CSV data format.
★ Barometric altitude w/ autocalibration – barometer sensor is used for supreme altitude accuracy.
★ Maps – offline or online, Google map with terrain, satellite, traffic, auto-rotate and follow, 3D view…
★ Profiles – quickly switch the profile when you switch the vehicle, maintain settings and statistic for all your vehicles or sports.
★ Power meter – the most accurate power and energy meter in industry.
★ Speedometer – shows your instant, average and maximum speeds at all times.
★ GPS Cockpit – shows distance, duration, altitude, ascent, descent, power¹, climb power¹, energy, efficacy, vertical speed, acceleration, pace, pressure², temperature², odometer, clock…
★ Auto pausing – can discard all pauses, much like the classic wheel-sensored cyclocomp.
★ Easy resume – can resume any past ride, doesn`t matter if you stopped for an hour or a day.
★ FenceGuard technology – easily hide the location of your home, workplace, or other private places from the track files.
★ Bicycle bell – automatic ring when braking, or manually by touching/shaking the device.
★ Moving sounds – great for silent bikes that startle pedestrians.
★ Bike light – flashing bike light, turned off automatically when put in a pocket.
★ HUD mode – shows readings in reflection when put behind the windshield of a car.
★ Tally sounds – hear a sound when milestone is reached, for example every 5 miles or every 30 minutes.
★ Relaunch after forceful reboot – app is there for you even when unexpected things happen.
★ Own GPS algorithms – does not depend on Google Play Services.
★ Keep screen on / Keep above lockscreen – access the app without unlocking the device.
★ Simple to use and clean interface – easy to operate with sweaty fingers or gloves.
★ Widgets
★ Portrait / Landscape screen modes

PRO version only:
★ Prevent one ad from displaying when entering the Settings/History screen.

¹ Watts, or Watts per kg/lb (even without external sensors like ANT+).
² Ambient sensors are available only on some devices.

App is very useful for commute, tour, mountain bike, downhill, road, running, walking, triathlon, car driving…
Perfect for use on a handlebar mount, in an armband, on a dashboard, in a pocket, or in a bag.

This FREE version is the same as PRO version, except it displays one ad per hour when entering the Settings.

PRO key: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sublimis.urbanbiker.key

Whats New
- Updated Google Maps library (may improve stability on some devices)
- Updated notification layout
- Other improvements and fixes
- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Barometric altitude improvements
- Temperature sensor improvements
- Temperature sensor data can now be used by barometer for even better altitude accuracy (option in Settings→Tracking→Altitudes, please also read the note there to learn about the proper usage)
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