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Distance Measure v1.4.5 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

Measure the distance from any object, if you know its height.

1. Enter the object`s height,
2. Align the two bars with object`s top and bottom edges,
3. That`s all!


You will find well explained instructions in the HELP menu.

You can enter the object`s height in one of four most common units(in, ft, cm, m), and the resulting distance can be in one of two system of units (imperial or metric).
You can measure the distance either from the top or the bottom edge of the target. It`s important, that you know which distance you are going to measure. Just press (click) the distance at the top and choose it from there.

The effective measurement range is from 20cm to 5km (from 8in to 3mi).
The target`s height must be proportional to the distance, i.e. for a long length measurement a taller object is needed.

The app has zooming feature, so you can bring closer the object during the measurement (better visibility and better results).

This application is intended to measure the distance only by the target`s height and not the width, as the last method is inaccurate and unreliable for a length measurement.

Very accurate measurement can be obtained, if you know the exact height of the target and follow the instructions.
It`s worth to try the app. It`s free.

Not to mention that you can measure a distance in golf fields.

The idea is not innovative. There are other similar apps. Only this one can measure with a high accuracy, if it`s used the right way.

Some devices might not support required camera capabilities, and the app will not work on them.

Any suggestions will be considered and bugs will be fixed to improve the app.

Whats New
- Important bug fixes.
- Some UI changes.
- Fixed a possible bug.
- Minor improvements.
- Now you can choose to show the distance either from object`s top or bottom.
- Added Russian translation.
- Other minor improvements.
- Fixed the crash when camera is busy by another app.
- Added a Quick Tour prompt for the first run.
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