Recordio - Radio PVR

Recordio - Radio PVR

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Recordio - Radio PVR v2.1.1 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

Streaming radio application that supports playing and recording (including support for m3u and pls playlists).

Recordio could have included a list of mp3 streaming stations, but this is always going to be incomplete, so Recordio takes a different approach and allows you to point it at any stream YOU like and it will play/record it. There are a few of my favourites already there, but to add your own press MENU and select from the context menu (if you are already playing a stream from a URL, it will be pre-populated). Long press on a favourite to delete it too!

Also supported is scheduled recordings PVR style, so you can set up future recordings, either one-offs, daily or weekly.

Should you come across a station that cannot be played, Recordio allows you to email me and I`ll try to add support.

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Added support for Jellybean
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