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SOPRANO GAMMA v4.0 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

PLEASE NOTE: This app allows you to receive GAMMA messages from other licensed users that have added you to their contact list, however, a license is required to enable you to add and send to contacts of your choosing. To activate a SOPRANO GAMMA license, contact us at

SOPRANO GAMMA is an award-winning encrypted mobile messaging application platform for designed specifically for business team collaboration and messaging system integration.

• Winner: Best Enterprise App in Europe (Appsters 2014)
• Winner: Best Communication Technology in Asia Pacific (APICTA 2014)
• Merit Winner: Best New Product in Australia (iAwards 2014)

SOPRANO GAMMA is centrally managed on a cloud platform, with a sophisticated hierarchical enterprise administration portal that enables permissions-based corporate use. GAMMA intelligently escalates to SMS when a user is offline, and allows team messaging with rich multimedia conversations wrapped in three layers of security.

GAMMA can be used to unlock limitless possibilities for workflow automation and business process improvement through its unique `workflow messaging` capability that enables messages with forms, buttons and menus to enable system automation and replace error-prone typing.


• Repeat Alert messages ensure that your users are notified when an urgent message is received
• Workflow Messaging provides a portal UI for businesses to design custom-formatted messages that include buttons and menus, which replace the need for error-prone typing and enable a myriad of rapid application development possibilities for businesses that can be uniquely delivered to end users in a messaging context
• Integrates mobile messaging and workflow messaging intelligently to your IT systems using APIs
• Broad Reach: IP messaging with SMS escalation reaches global colleagues, even those who without data coverage
• Team Chat: Collaborate with your team using a group messaging app with picture and audio clip messaging

• Channel, message and unique key encryption provides three layers of encryption security
• Vanishing messages, remote wipe and a PIN protected app provide additional security options

• Audit A2P, P2A and P2P conversations with real time reporting
• Centralised administration on a cloud-based platform
• Status acknowledgments: see if your message has been read at a glance

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Whats New
• We`ve introduced Repeat Alerts, allowing you to set multiple alerts for a single, urgent message.
• You can now send a message with Require Acknowledgement setting that lets you see which of your recipients have both read and acknowledged your message.
• Bug fixes and enhancements have been applied to ensure high performance output.
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