9420 WiFi ReConnector

9420 WiFi ReConnector

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9420 WiFi ReConnector v1.0.1 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

9420 WiFi ReConnector (Your WiFi.... TwentyFourSeven)

After trying numerous `WiFi Keep Alive` apps on Google Play, my `Android Stick` was still out-of-network after a day. So I wrote my own and (so far) it has been `alive` for more than a week now.
Post on Google Play just in case it could be beneficial to the public.

`9420 WiFi ReConnector` maintains Internet access 24x7 (thru WiFi) by probing Internet availability every 120 seconds and restart the WiFi subsystem upon necessities.

[Target Audiences]
Anyone who uses Android device that
- needs 24x7 Internet connectivity thru WiFi such as day/night downloading, IP camera monitoring
- resides in the place where the WiFi APs are unstable (hence lost of connections, always)

Android device could be...
- Android Stick
- Android TV
- Any devices that runs Android as the servers,
e.g. Android server for IP Camera networks (home monitoring)

[Who should `not` use this app]
- Anyone who`s sensitive to Internet traffic volume, or battery-only power source.
- Device that has mobile-data connectivity enabled (a.k.a. has SIM)

- Monitors Internet traffic every 120 Secs
- Restart WiFi subsystem when needed
- auto-start itself when device reboots
- Not taking up space on Notification Bar
- Service can be turned On/Off via App UI
- `Master timer` shows how long it has been since timed (reset via Menu)
- Latest `Up time` from the last (Internet) down
- Probe Fail count ((Internet access)
- 3 Logs (takes up to 3x10K of memory)
- All events (Success and Fail)
- FailOnly events
- WiFi restart attempts (almost similar to FailOnly log)
- Menu shows
- Clear log
- Reset Master Timer
- Service On
- Service Off

- Configure the WiFi profiles and ensure that the device can connect to WiFi successfully as normally do
- Install 9420 WiFi ReConnector
- Open UI `once` to start and it`ll auto-register the monitoring service
- (Subsequently) Open UI to visit the log to see
- if it`s still running
- how stable is your WiFi network
- how many times (and at when) this app has helped recover the Internet connection

Version 1.0 (runs on R3.0 - minimum)
Jan 15, 2013

Solution 9420

[Next release]
- Maybe `Paid` version, or with Ads
- Configurable TextSize for UI
- Configurable the monitoring interval
- Configurable Log size
- Configurable `preferred` WiFi AP (when you have more than one AP)

MailTo: [email protected]
- Any suggestions or Bugs report

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