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BLE Throwie v5.5 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Meet the BLEThrowie – an inexpensive yet precise data logger with BLE support. It stores temperature and humidity data for the last 24 hours. Data is provided by digital and calibrated temperature and humidity sensor.
Ever wanted to know how hot it gets in your house after you turn off the AC, or how much time it takes for your gas stove to reach the desired temperature, is there a moisture build-up in your house after you installed that smart thermostat from Google? Those are simple measurements that require data logging and an easy way of reading those measurements. We know that professional data loggers have been around for years, but they were expensive and cumbersome to use. Hobby-level analog sensors were not accurate and did not have application support.
Changing batteries sucks, so we made BLEThrowie to be power savvy. Luckily this was possible with CC2541 System on Chip (SoC) from Texas instruments and temperature/humidity sensor Si7005 from Silicon Labs.
BLEThrowie Apps
What if you could have a data logger that would log temperature, humidity and light level with precision and would be accessible from your smartphone? We at Singleton Labs were developing measurement data visualization software since 2001, so we created the app for Android that display BLEThrowie data nicely. Take a look at BLEThrowie App video to see how easy it is to use data logger from our applications.
The hardware sensor could be obtained from:

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Android 5 support
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