Translate Offline Spanish Free

Translate Offline Spanish Free

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Translate Offline Spanish Free v2.55 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Free offline* speech translator, dictionary and phrasebook app --translate offline voice, camera photos and text between English and Spanish without internet and when you are abroad! Save on data roaming charges when you travel!

Our app features unique offline translation technology often delivering translations that excel both Google Translate and Microsoft Translator while using much less storage space (less than 100MB)

- translate full sentences and entire texts without internet;
- translate instantly as you type offline;
- fully functional offline translator between English and Spanish without any internet connection;
- automatically detects input language;

- offline voice/speech input* for English and Spanish;
- offline voice output for English and Spanish;
- allows reading individual words by tapping the desired word in the translation;

- use your device camera instead of typing;
- take a picture of printed text and translate it in seconds offline!
- available for English and Spanish;
- use this feature to easily convert photos of printed text into editable text in offline mode;

- dictionary between English and Spanish;
- recognizes any word form and identifies its features (number, person, gender, etc.)
- displays all the translations for a given word;
- displayed for single words;
- allows reading individual words by tapping the desired word in the translation;

- you can create your own phrasebook by hitting the save button;
- all saved translations can be viewed for reference;

(*) You have to run the app online once in order to download the data file;
(**) Voice/speech input is available on most devices running Android 4.0+.

If you encounter problems with the app, please contact our customer support!

Whats New
- other apps can share text with the app;
- improved interface;
- tap-and-translate clipboard translation;
- automatic language swapping;
- improved downloading;
- instant translation without translate button;
- improved translations;
- improved OCR;
- new interface