Airtime – Video Chat and Group Message Together Live

Airtime – Video Chat and Group Message Together Live

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Airtime – Video Chat & Group Message Together Live v2.19.0 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

Share videos, music and other awesome content with your friends while chatting together in a group video chat! Talk, listen to music, watch videos on YouTube, share funny pics or live message with over 250 people as you hang out together and share chat stories. With Airtime, be together wherever you are!

Talk, message and hang out in a group chat anytime, anywhere. At a party, a friend’s house or on the street – get on the phone and share the moment with up to 10 members of your squad in an Airtime video call!

Group Video Chat in Real Time: Top 3 Reasons to Download
1. Watch videos, share pics, gifs and more really great content with a group chat in real time
2. Share that ridiculous video you just found and see your friends’ instant reaction
3. Call up your crew on the phone, share chat stories and live message as you listen to music and vibe to the latest songs on Soundcloud and Spotify

Group video chat stories and talk with your friends in a video call from wherever you are – at home, in the breakroom at work, hanging out in the park or on the move. Share your photos and videos from last night’s escapades and react in real time chat stories with group chat live messaging, without even leaving your bed. Need your friends to bring you pizza? There’s no need to talk, just share your location!

Call your friends on the phone and hang out in a video chat. Listen to music, message funny pics and gifs back and forth or watch videos together with Airtime in a live video call. Share all the moments (and non-moments) of your life in real time with your crew with Airtime group chat.

Watch videos, chat stories, share music and other awesome content altogether in a live video call. If you can google it, you can share it with Airtime in a group video chat. With the Signal button, your friends are just a tap away. Pull all of your people together when you have funny pics, gifs or something cool to show, or say.

Group chat with real friends and share real moments in real time, wherever you are. Download Airtime and stay connected with chat stories live anywhere.

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Whats New
• YUGE new feature! You can now share your room’s live chat to Facebook Live. Game. Changed.
• There’s a new way to assemble your squad on video chat. Drag and release your avatar at the top of any room to signal all of your friends. It’s kinda like a slingshot.
• Several improvements made to watching videos together while on video chat.
And some not as exciting bug fixes.