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Complete Wipe v1.0 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download


`When you sell, discard, change your smart phone, do you think you deleted all
your personal data on your smart phone? It is fairly easy to restore deleted personal data.
Even through ``Factory Reset,`` deleted data could be still in your smart phone.
All your deleted photos, videos, audio files, bank account/credit card information,
internal sales/customer information can be restored!
What if these data leaked out and someone abuses? It could be a huge loss of
a person/company. Complete Wipe is the best and last way to prevent information leakage.`

Main Functions
1. Easy and convenient way to delete data completely
Without distinction of allocations, all deleted data through Complete Wipe will be deleted completely.
2. Simple time setting - Complete Wipe ONLY!
Just set the time when you want for `Complete Wipe` to run.

Additional Functions
1. Auto alert service - Get alerts regularly
Strengthen safety with your smart phone with sensitive data in case of stolen or lost
2. Completion message - Get report when data deleted completely / successfully


1. Delete photos, videos, docs and files in normal way (drag the data into recycle bins)
2. Run `Complete Wipe` and click `delete now.` (Get message and report when finished)
(`Compelete Wipe` only deletes DELETED data, data on your smartphone you didn`t delete
are not affected.)
3. All deleted data through `Complete Wipe` will not be recovered, restored or recycled.
(When sell or change smartphone? Delete all data and run `Complete Wipe`)

*This is just for you who change smart phone often
*The smart phone with important documents and files
*Are you selling your smart phone or giving someone?
*The smart phone with a lot of sales/customer information
*The smart phone with information of bank accounts, credit cards and security cards
*For you who take photos/videos and delete often

Please let us know your suggestions, inconvenience and any possible improvements for better `Complete Wipe.` Senorms will review carefully and reach you with answers. Thank you.

Developer Senorms
Senorms will reach you with answers within 24 hours. Please contact us at [email protected]

Developer Contact
203-403 Bucheon Technopark Ssangyong 3-cha, Samjeong-dong, Ohjeong-gu, Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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