File Transfer Application

File Transfer Application

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File Transfer Application v3.0 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

This application allows you to transfer files and folders from one device to other within wireless network.
With few clicks, you can share/transfer or download files between devices.

It is as simple as followings:

To transfer,
1. Add some files to share list
2. Give port number (By default, it is 9090)
3. Start sharing process

To download,
1. Select or create download folder
2. Give IP and port number of source device (e.g. If source (connecting) device has IP of and is sharing files from port 9090, then you need to give as IP of connecting device and 9090 as port)
3. Start downloading process

Note: Both source device and client device need to be in same wireless network in order to transfer files successfully. It is also required to connect correct IP and port of source device. You can also transfer files within one device. In this case, you don`t need to have network connection.
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