LANmote Deluxe

LANmote Deluxe

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LANmote Deluxe v1.5.1 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

May NOT work on some Android 4.4 device due to the ROM`s root issues, such as those using Samsung branded devices. Many users have reported issues with key presses on Android 6.x too. Please test using the lite version first before buying.

Remotely control your Android device using any HTML5 compatible browser.

Install and run this server app on the Android device you want to control, scan the QR code or type in the URL shown and you will be able to instantly control your Android device. This is the ONLY cross-platform browser based remote app available for Android devices, an alternative to Droidmote, Tablet Remote, ShareKM and An2An Keyboard app.

On the mouse page, you can use your computer keyboard/mouse to control your game on your Android device. For easier mouse control, toggle the full screen mouse page by pressing SHIFT button on the mouse page.

- Cross-platform remote, without installing any client app, tested to work on Android, IOS and Computer HTML5 browser.
- Standard Android keypad buttons
- Android media remote buttons
- Mouse pad, page up/down button, adjustable sensitivity and supports multi-touch
- Use mouse pointer or touch circle pointer
- Shortcut to launch app
- Keyboard input, supports unicode character input and using computer keyboard as controller
- 3x different size widgets, with/without QR code
- Can be configured to run at boot
- Support WIFI hotspot and ethernet
- Support multi-client controlling the same device
- build-in help/instructions

Tip: If your device`s screen have turned off due to power saving, you can turn it on by pressing any button on the keypad page.

Notes: this app only works on rooted devices.
Read about rooting at

Paid/Deluxe version licensing:
- The app will run without internet access for a limited number of times.

Known limitations
- Multi-touch does NOT work on Android 2.3 default browser
- Single/Multi-touch may have slow initial response compared to normal touch screen, please be patient and learn how to use it effectively by trying
- On Android 4.1+ and/or Android Chrome browser, backspace on keyboard does not work. This is a well-known Android bug. A dedicated backspace button is always present for Android 4.1+ device and/or Android Chrome browser.
- Does not work on Internet Explorer 10 or lower
- Pointer switching will take a few seconds during which the mouse pointer and key input will not work
- If you experience text input problems, such as no response or incorrect characters, try to change your keyboard to Android keyboard and/or input setting to `Send text manually`.
- For those with uinput problems, read Droidmote`s FAQ about uinput
- If you cannot stop the LANmote server, please make sure you are not using LANmote as the `Selected input method`, i.e. your current input keyboard.

We appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to send us your feedback or problems you encountered in our support forum -
If you have problems using this app on your device, you need to help us by posting it on our feedback forum, so that we can respond to you and also allow you to provide follow up information for us to diagnose as well as resolve the problem. Simply posting negative feedback here won`t help!!!

Whats New
Version 1.5.1
Added Android 5.x Lollipop support
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