Wedate : Find your Soulmate

Wedate : Find your Soulmate

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Wedate : Find your Soulmate v0.9.6 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Why’s WeDate?
WeDate can make you find your virtual mate till your soulmate. This blind dating application has the advantage of filtering of sex, city, age from far location or around you. Just play the mini game by tap and tap to smash the block that blocking your mate

About WeDate :
WeDate created for you who would like to have and feel the very valuable experience of blind dating. You can feel this very valuable experience when you play this mini game that hides the face of your mate. Additionaly you can approach them directly by using personal chatting in this application without having to exchange personal contact information.

Advantage of WeDate :
In addition to curious about your mate face, WeDate has another advantage such as profile. This profile is written in full, start from name, age, address until hobby and even up to desired type of your mate. You can see this profile after you succeeded smash all the block on the mini game so that if you are not willing to invite your friend, you don’t have to add her yo your friend list.

Attaractive game feature
WeDate have 3 classes in the game, Silver Room, Gold Room and VIP Room. Beside that WeDate also have 3 unique relief items to help you complete the mission in the mini game. Now, let us explain about this 3 classes :

1. Silver Room
Silver Room will make you addicted to finish the mini game. You will get double pleasure and find a variety of opportunities to find your virtual mate or even your true mate.

2. Gold Room
If you have a favourite, you can play in the Gold Room! Gold Room have has access to the filtering area that you want and also the selection of age you want.

3. VIP Room
You will get the advantages of the most satisfying if you play in the VIP Room. Beside that to adding a filtration area and the age selection, in VIP Room you can get popular feature. This popular item will bring you with all the accounts that have a rating more popular than your account.

4. Item Boom!
Boom item will help you to destroy all the blocks that you want on the mini game so that you can immediately see a picture of your mate behind those blocks.

5. Time Up
This item can increase your playing time at the beginning of the game. These items will automatically be used when the game began, So you possessed a lot more to complete destroy the blocks mission!

6. Item Shuffle
As the name implies, shuffle item can replace the rest of the block with a new block colors. This item block will be available throughtout the game and you can use anytime during the game at the start to help your mission.

Wedate apps are perfect for anyone who is interested in virtual love and Blind Dating
• If you want to find a friend, a date, until your mate
• Blind dating
• Mini block game addict!
• Find more popular friend

Wedate apps are perfect for anyone who is interested in virtual love and Blind Dating
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