NetCut (Root)

NetCut (Root)

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NetCut (Root) v1.1 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

Netcut, one of most powerful network administrator tool
this tool allow admin proof test how can the firewall efficiency handle bad user in local network.
By one click from your hand you can test cut any network connection between internet gateway and
devices in your local network remotely.
This is simple technical how can this application work (you can skip it if you don`t understand network
fundamental :)
- Every LAN connectable devices have one unique number called MAC Address
-Ehen the device want to communicate with another device they need 2 things,IP Address and MAC Address.
- The device only know destination IP Address(Ex: gateway) but not for Mac Address, it maybe change when that device
reconnect and get new IP that mean you can`t static fix this pair of IP and MAC address together.
- Only way to get destination MAC Address is request, the device send ask request command to every devices some thing like this
`Hey! , IP what is your MAC Address?`
- Every devices received this request but not answer except the device who carry ip,
this is response `OK, my IP and Mac Address is 12:82:FA:22...` this response not for all, he just only reply to asker.
- when asker received response, they pair IP and MAC together and start communication
- If they ask every time when they want to communicate that make a lot of traffic, so the device
must be cache the pair for a while (Ex: 5 min)
it`s look well algorithm to solve this problem but something wrong.
this implement in low level network communication so they miss some check of replier that can make this algorithm weak.
Netcut using vulnerability of implementation send reply command without request to victim the make victim cache wrong
IP and MAC Address. that make they lost connection.

Warning :
This Application create for testing Network Security only.
If you use for others purpose that mean, it`s your own responsibility to deal with the effect.
Developer Will NOT response to all harm that user or application make.

License :
This application develop under GNU General Public License version 3 ,From original version of dsploit.
So you can redistribute, modify under GPLv3.
Source code available here :

Distributed form :

Whats New
-Version 1.1
Fix bug
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