Tensile Lab and Hardness Calc

Tensile Lab and Hardness Calc

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Tensile Lab & Hardness Calc v0.6 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

*New Feature
1. Unit Conversion of SI units for Force,Length,Area,Volume,Density,Weight,Pressure and more...
2. Material Properties like specific gravity,density,Ultimate tensile strength,Young`s Modulus,Specific Heat,%Elongation,0.2% Yield Strength

*Next Feature
Hardware Connection over bluetooth
Torsion Test and Tmt Specimen
More Bending Results

Calculate Hardness Values for Brinell and Vickers
* BHN Calculation
* HV Calculation
* Hardness conversions as per ASTM E140 standards

This application is used to calculate material information for sample.

*Test Types
1. Tensile
2. Compression
3. Bending(3 and 4 point bending)
4. Shear

1. Round
2. Hollow
3. Flat
4. Plastic
5. Rubber
6. Paper

*Load vs Displacement Graph
1. Load : kN,N,kgf
2. Displacement : mm,cm,inch

1. Yield Calculation(Yield stress,Yield load,displacement at yield, Young`s Modulus)
2. Load Data(maximum load,Displacement at maximum load)
3. Area Calculation(%Area Reduction)
4. Guage Elongation

Yield Methods:
1. Graph Method
2. Offset Method

Input data to graph in two formats
1. CSV(.csv) file
2. TXT(.txt) file

*If you have EXCEL file then save as CSV(Comma Seperated File Format) and directly add into the application.

Coming Soon.
1. Excel File Format
2. Save Unlimited data
3. PDF Reporting
4. Extensometer with %Strain vs Stress Graph
6. Reporting.

Whats New
*Tmt Bar in specimen list
Weight and density inputs are specified other are in mm only
*Added Features:
Unit Conversion
Standard Material Properties
Density Values for test
Specific Gravity Table
Specific Heat Table
Ultimate Tensile Strength Table
Compression Strength Table
BHN Values Table
*Next Feature
Tmt Sample Testing
More Bending Results
Excel Importing
Save Unlimited Data
Reporting PDF/EXCEL
More file formats
*Hardware Connection over bluetooth
*New Features for manufacturer
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