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ColorfulClouds v3.1.0 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

= Our weather forecast is accurate and easy to use=

Accurate Minute to Minute Rainfall Forecast - When will the rain start and when is it going to stop? Know about the weather in advance and plan your day out properly!

Street-level accuracy: No more imprecise forecasts based on a national or city level! Your exclusive weather forecast for every block in the neighbourhood is here!

China Rainfall Map - We use the National Meteorological Radar to produce our accurate forecast. Just take a glimpse to know exactly where and how heavy the rain will be!

China Air Pollution Map - Is the pollution growing stronger or fading away? Where is it heading to? Just take a look at this map and get the answer to all of your questions!

Weather Feedback - If you feel that our forecast is not completely accurate, please tap the feedback button to help us improve!

Winner of the Wandoujia Design Award - ColorfulClouds is considered both powerful and elegant!

Many thanks to `7timer!` and `` for sharing their data with us! Also, a very big thank you to the `Swarma Club` for their long-term support!

Whats New
1.Added typhoon-track-map function
2.Added data about thunderstorms, our map can now show the real-time location of thunderstorms and lightnings.
3.Added weather GIF sharing function.
Increased the forecast period of down-to-the-minute rainfall from 1 hour to 2 hours.
4.Added down-to-the-hour wind speed and direction forecast data.
5.Added detailed air pollution information.
6.Added dynamic background images.
7.Completely new UI installed.
8.Fixed many bugs for a smoother user experience.
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