StbEmu (Free)

StbEmu (Free)

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StbEmu (Free) v3.7.5 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download


Keep in mind that this app is configured for a demo IPTV portal for testing purposes. If you want to use the app you have to configure the app for your IPTV provider.

The app doesn`t support m3u (or any others) playlists.

NOTE: This app is designed to be used by experienced users. To work correctly it must be configured first and if you`ve never configured IPTV boxes it may be difficult for you to configuring it. Keep in mind, that this app contains a lot of settings that has to be configured before it may be used by a user(read wiki first). If you do something wrong you may make the app unable to work.

Whats New
* IJK player is now the default player because Exo doesn`t work correctly on some devices
* Add CSS fixes (in profile`s Advanced settings) for some Stalker UI issues on devices with new versions of internet browser (Chrome)
* Enabled UI hardware acceleration by default for all devices
* Fixes some issues
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