MeteoTrack Track your weather!

MeteoTrack Track your weather!

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MeteoTrack Track your weather! v1.0.10 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

Hold on or press red circle FINGER ICON and than draw your route
or JUST tap the place on the map.
Weather forecast for location or route - details with probability of rain and storms, cloudiness and weather description. Widget for next step.

MeteoTrack - Track your weather! Deep inside we’re all children. In the past, by running a finger along a map we travelled to the ends of the Earth!

Now we can do the same! Run your finger along the map to trace a route and a meteogram with weather, temperature, wind speed and direction, pressure and most importantly an icon on your you’ll feel will be created.

MeteoTrack makes your childhood dreams come true and puts a bundle of useful features at your fingertips!

Drag your finger, check the weather and let your journey begin!

You set off, the sun is shining, but an hour later a change in the weather takes you by surprise and it’s raining cats and dogs. Sounds familiar? Perhaps you were lucky and the sunroof in your caravan was closed.
And all the windows too.

Try it out today and avoid unpleasant surprises!

You will be able to save every created meteogram and re-visit it at any point during your journey. Or a week, month and even a year later to remind yourself or compare what the weather used to be like.

Share your route with friends. They’ll congratulate you if you’ve hit the weather jackpot or cheer you up when the weather conditions are difficult.

Set and show off your route!

Whats New
Now WIDGET available with FREE version of MeteoTrack
Performance and usability improvements
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