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Radio Quran v1.0 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Radio QURAN is an online Quran app for Android users to listen to many reciters over Radio ...

you Can create your own version of Radio Quran by Download the whole source code for free :

pleace notice you can use the code for free for any islamic purpose.

you can create your own web, Desktob, Mobile apps. using our API service and for free :

The easiest ever for streaming (HQ) High Quality MP3 Radio Channels for several reciters.

Some of the Available reciters :
Ahmad Al Ajmy
Sa`d Al Ghamdi
Abd Al Rahman Al Sodes
Mshari Al Afasi

Mp3 Quran API Hosted using Amazone Cloude Services which means that it can be expandable based on the number of users .
Amazone Cloude Site:
Amazone Clouse Services used for MP3 Quran :
* Amazone S3 : it used to store all the assets need for the MP3 Quran (Reciters Images,MP3 Sounds for each reciter,......)
*Amazone RDS : is a web service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud for our API Data.
*Amazone EC2 : Elastic Compute Cloud delivers scalable, pay-as-you-go compute capacity in the cloud ( the phisical servers for our API and Application )
*Amazone Cloude Front :is a web service that makes it easy to distribute content with low latency via a global network of edge locations, and we use it to make the streaming services for the mp3 sounds using RTMP protocol as you can see in the youtube , also itis alow user to seek any mp3 sound file positition .
MP3 Quran also aims to make it really easy for any pearson or company to use alot of already made players to embed them in their website with a short time :
Sampel Players :
also for Developers we allow them to download the source code for all the above players and also they have a full access to the Api Service Method so they can build their own application on Smart phones,....
For the write services like Playlist Services we give the option to user to register for new sign key using one of the social sites :

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