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monkeylive - chat, videochat v4.13 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

@ Free chat, free meeting , video chat is essential ~ !!

- Are you still fooled by robot that only sends a note ?
- In Monkey Live, only authorized members can access video chat. Chat actual footage Authenticate.
- Video chat, make friends, be a pair ~
@ products available for free chat ! ~!

- You can chat for free after receiving 15 hearts after authentication, then meet your dating mate.
- Get Free Hearts at Free Charge Station ~
- To help finding real friends, Monkey Live provides 15 hearts free to authenticated members.

@ Study foreign language with global video chat ~

- Video chat with friends from all over the world at Monkey Live.
- Make friends in the country you are interested in.
- You have a hard time chatting in a foreign language? Do not worry ~ Monkey Live supports translation ~ ^^

Learn about @monkey live features

- Chat: Easily Chat with an authenticated member. Send friend request to date mate~
- Video chat: By looking at profile picture, you can make a video call to your potential date mate with courage~
- Profile certification: Sign up easily on Facebook, appeal your profile with attractive profile photos, with eye catching phrases.
- Search for a member: You can search for a friend by sex, nation or time ~
- Friends: Your favorite friends can make friends with each other. Same applies, can cut off the troublesome opponent ^^
- Heart: In the case of video chatting, you need a heart ~ You can present and gifted heart as well ~ ^ ^

@ Cautious when using Monkey live

- In Monkey Live, you can receive a sanctions when you display abusive content on profile images, nicknames, in chatting room.
- If you have been exposed to abusive or insulting or other illegal suggestions from an opponent during an anonymous chat, you can report it through report function.
- Please contact us by e-mail for any inconveniences or payment related inquiries.

@ Gather up ! Monkey live friends~

- If you are not interested in random chat anymore
- Fooled by fake chatting every day
- Do not have time for blind date or having difficulty on blind date
- If you are on a business trip, or are looking for a short-distance love affair
- If you do not have a friend, boyfriend, or a girlfriend, and you chat alone
- If you are bullied in a group chat and you are not confident in video chatting

Live club to enjoy Monkey live ~!
It`s view time to see friends face ~!
Do not random chat and have a video chat boldly ~

- Error correction
- Video chat link updated
- Profile Editing Updated
- Added member certification (2015.05.20)
- Added profile authentication (2016.10.10)
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