WhatsClone - Chat for WhatsApp

WhatsClone - Chat for WhatsApp

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WhatsClone - Chat for WhatsApp v3.5 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

WhatsClone is simple WhatsApp scanner app that allows 2 whatsApp account to run one device. Now can use any whatsApp account on android phone or tablet by just scanning qr code once.

Install the WebApp for WhatsApp on your android phone and Tablet without needing SIM card on phone or tablet. Just scan the barcode using your whatsApp to run the same instance of app on another devices.

* Use multiple phones and tablet to run same whatsApp
* send, download image, video
* Play audio
* Capture photo or record audio
* Sync tablet with mobile phone for whatsApp
* Your contacts appear on both devices
* Very easy to use

Note: This is ads free version of the app. If you looking for fee version, download from below link

Disclaimer: This app make use of whatsApp web`s interface to allow users to utilise their phone as webapp. This app is intended to use your someone`s own whatsapp account on different phone and not to hack any one`s whatsapp account. please use app with full responsibly and your own risk. The publisher is not associated with WhatsApp Inc.

Whats New
What`s new in this release?
Update #3.5
Video Play full screen
Play audio - auto download
Full view gallery
Video and Image download
Everything is free!! Enjoy using the app.
** Most reliable `WhatsApp web` access App on store **
* Trusted - Never use device/personal information *
Improved performance.
Notification in background on new messages
Get Rid of Keyboard when select contact
sound recorder and video recorder
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