LED-to-Bulb Converter

LED-to-Bulb Converter

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LED-to-Bulb Converter v3.0 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

LED-to-Bulb Converter compares Watt values of LED lamps, light bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps (energy saving lamps), and halogen lamps and their typical corresponding brightness in Lumen (lm). The app helps you to choose new LED or energy saving lamps which are approximately as bright as the good old light bulb.

Additionally, the app provides a scale to get a feeling for the color temperature of lamps (measured in Kelvin).

Please note that the lumen-per-watt-values are only approximate average values and may vary from lamp type to lamp type!

Links to selected external websites lead to pages providing more information about Lumen, Kelvin, Light bulb sockets and screws (e.g. Edison Screw (E27, E14, E10, etc.) and the EU energy label.

This app contains ads. The ads can be removed by making an in-app purchase. A small compensation for our efforts. Thank you for your understanding and for your support.

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Enter Lumen and Watt values with keyboard or select from a list of typical values.
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