Mesh: Random Video Chat

Mesh: Random Video Chat

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Mesh: Random Video Chat v2.0.1 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

The very one videochat app you`d abso-amazing-lutely love !!

Everyone you`d encounter here will stimulate your interest, your passion, darn cool, isn`t it (wink)?

Mesh provides new ways of socializing through awesome efficiency like you`ve never seen .

You`re about to embark on a journey of finding interesting ,sexy, funny, hot people through enticing snaps, if you dig what you see, swipe to the left, if you don`t, to the right. And if the ones that you want, turn out to desire you back, you guys can get ready to have real-time video chats, like touching, oops, meeting(ma bad) in person, hum, how fast and how heart-racing !

☆ 💯 Safety☆
***We have multiple safe measures protecting you from spams, uncomfortable contents and privacy leakage, especially for females. Mesh offers maximum safe video chatting***

- Zero tolerance for inappropriate and offensive behavior, especially for nudity. Any violation of Mesh’s community policy will result in permanent ban from Mesh.
- All user’s privacy is encrypted, so your personal info is safe. No one will know you are using our service unless you share Mesh with them.
- Incognito mode lets you erase all your Meshing history.
- Intelligent Blur Protection uses face detection technology to automatically protect you from uncomfortable images.
- Terminate a chat anytime with a quick one tap to start a new match.
- Report a user for inappropriate behavior, and/or permanently block them.

If you have any questions or need help, send us an email at .
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Instagram: meshchat

Whats New
-5 Seconds Snaps Profile to express you!
-Matching: swipe left or right on other`s snaps to show your interest, talk to people you like
-Real-time Video Chat: 30s in hand to have a 1-1 video chat first, later add as friends, chat for HOWEVER long
-Friends IM: You can IM message your friends
-Mesh Plus: Priviledges for more profile videos exposure, friends online notification, sending pictures.
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