Love Lab® - Verify Your Dates

Love Lab® - Verify Your Dates

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Love Lab® - Verify Your Dates v3.24 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

Love Lab® is a free verification app designed to improve your experience on any dating app, site or other places you date by giving you an easy way to verify yourself and the people you meet anywhere.

We verify your social media, email, phone number and photo by making you take a selfie that is instantly compared to your profile pic for likeness. To prove your age and that you are who you say you are, you must pass a quiz that`s generated using public record data. Then you can attempt a national criminal background check.

Each `proof` is meant to give you greater confidence that people are who they say they are. With this peace of mind you can feel safe exchanging text messages and disappearing photos and videos with the people you agree to chat with.

Once you create an account you can select a Love Lab ID of your liking in the Settings of the app. Show people you are verified anywhere you date by sharing your link to your verified profile page or suggesting someone looks you up on Love Lab by your Love Lab ID so you can communicate without giving out your phone number or other personally identifying info.

So what are you waiting for? Download our free app today and never be surprised or disappointed by who shows up for a first date ever again.

Whats New
The BugFix Update (v3.24):
-Fixed issue where pictures and videos would not send properly.
-Updated camera functionality (Newer Devices)
-Updates to improve overall speed of the app
-Included changes to the way images and buttons are drawn for both performance and appearance improvements.
-Upgraded the section to change your Love Lab ID. Feel free to choose a longer one now!
-Added in new 2 finger long-press bug reports: just hold 2 fingers on most screens for 2 seconds to submit a report!
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