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Nice Music Player - Free v1.6.6 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

• State of art self developed sound engine
• Supported formats are MP3, AAC, FLAC , OGG
• Only FREE music player that supports FLAC format in Google play store
• Only FREE music player that supports OGG format in Google play store
• FREE 10 BAND Equalizer
• Only FREE music player that supports 10 band equalizer in Google play store
• Specially Optimized for older devices (Even for Nexus One ! )
• Specially Optimized for older android versions
• Over 10 Predefined equalizer sets
• Only FREE music player that supports predefined equalizer sets in Google play store
• Access to lyrics without any interruption.
• Easy and accessible Lyrics button
• Access to lyrics of songs
• Listen the music and gives the right album cover and info
• Direct Bluetooth settings
• Improved Lyric recognition
• Widget support
• Create your own playlists
• Access to lyrics of songs
• Supporting fast playlist creation
• Crossfade between songs
• Crossfade up to 12 seconds
• Only FREE music Player that supports, Crossfade on FLAC and OGG formats
• Dynamic playlist creation
• Control music from notification bar
• Advanced Amplifier
• Only FREE music player that has amplifier
• Advanced Treble
• Only FREE music player that has Treble
• Advanced Bass
• Only FREE music player that has Bass changer
• Open application when wired headset connected
• Open application when Bluetooth headset connected
• Download missing album covers
• Select default playlist to add songs easily
• Shuffle your songs whenever you want
• Repeat all songs or just a single one
• Browse your music’s by Songs, Artists and Albums
• Reach your playlists easily
• Add your songs to default playlist or queue in Songs category
• Gapless playback
• Supported formats are mp3, aac; new formats are coming!
• Modern Design with easily touchable buttons


1-) Why Should i use NICE Music Player instead of google default music player?

Google Default Music has lacks of several features, including 10 band music equalizer, lyrics , ogg format support, flac format support , Fast and Dynamic Playlist Creation and Crossfade .

2-) Do you support Crossfade ?

Nice music player supports Crossfade , you can choose between 0 - 12 seconds from equalizer menu.

3-) What formats do you support?

We support MP3 , AAC , FLAC , OGG . Please NOTE FLAC and OGG support is for the devices using over android 4.0

4-) Which Formats we can do crossfade ?

NICE Music Player is the only music player in market that you can crossfade FLAC and OGG. Of course you can crossfade MP3 AAC too

5-) Why is 10 band equalizer is important ?

Google and most of the music players in market only supports basic equalizer, With NICE Music Player you can use 10 band to make even smallest tweaks on your music .

6-) Do you have a Volume Booster Feature ?

NICE Music Player has amplifier support. Basically with amplifier you can increase volume of your phone beyond the maximum volume of your phone.

7-) Do you support car audio ?

We have bluetooth autostart feature, and we have tested our phone with different car manufacturers. You can control music from your cars Bluetooth enabled entertainment system. (BETA)

8-) Do you support Gapless Playback ?

Yes we have Gapless Playback support

9-) Why i dont see lyrics on some of my musics?

We constantly adding new songs to our lyrics database, bear with us :)

10-) Can it update albums without covers

Yes our system matches your music with your database and gives you the right cover, pretty much like shazam and soundhound does.

Whats New
- Bug fixes
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