World Map Flying

World Map Flying

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World Map Flying v3.6.0 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

Try to fly the world map! !
Get the Flags of the World and photos.
Within playing, flags and you can learn the nature and location of the country. Aim, world domination! !

<<<<<< Point >>>>>>>
At Ver3.50, fixed a bug in the image processing terminates substantially revised.

Improved interface from Ver3.40. You can set the background image in flight.

The search for Flickr images from Ver3.30 `search tags`, `UploadDate`, `order`
You can now set up.
---- Recommended Settings -----
`World Heritage Journey` (Search tags:`World heritage` Date:`ALL` Sort by:`interestingness-desc`)
`Cat of the Week` (Search tags:`cat` Date:`One week ago` Sort:`interestingness-desc`)
`Looking beautiful world` (Search tags:`girl` Sor:`interestingness-desc`)

Heat map can be found in the countries visited than Ver3.20. Added support for Wikipedia search again.

Has enhanced the image viewer.
Multi-touch, flick through, and improved operations.
Please try.

method of operation.
[1] The strength of the rubber in the power (1-3) sets.
[2] Pulling Droid.
[3] Determine the direction to fly.
[4] Release.

If you have a landing point Flickr public image can be viewed.
NEXT to start again from the landing site
falling into the sea and try again.

[Album Function]
Add Album Function.
Select an album from the menu, you can see the additional photos.
You can check the album menu button at any time.
Visitors can see a heat map to the number of buttons on the map.
Link to Wikipedia for the country information in the Wiki button.

[Image Viewer]
The action flick, the previous image, move to the next image
Compatible with multi-touch zoom
Single-tap, open the menu bar

[Option Setting]
Available from the Menu button in the title
How to view the map
Retrieving Flickr Image Number
Flickr tag search
Flickr Find Date
Flickr order
Database location (main memory / SD card)

Whats New
At Android OS1.6, photo viewer now supports.
Memory management has been revised significantly around image processing.
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