Any photo see through clothes

Any photo see through clothes

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Any photo see through clothes v1.12 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

The pictures sometimes have highlights and shadows unnoticeable to the human eye, CLOTHR makes easy apply a combination of advanced image processing techniques to highlight them only available until now to skilled photoshoppers

This app uses science to see through clothes, like x-ray, is not another joke or fake app to undress, remove clothes ,undress, get people naked, or xray bra underwear prank, no nude / nudity or sexy images inside, our revolutionary algorithm use the brightness, lights, contrasts and color channels in an optimal combination for each picture. No magic or lies, only science.

It works best with highlighted white areas, but also has good results with dark objects with some transparency, does not work with all photos, just try different ones, sorry but no magic here.

This app is free and have no intrusive ad`s, we want to offer a good quality app.

Two working modes:

Auto Mode: built-in filters that best match with the photo, optimized for white and black clothes
Manual Mode: Fine tuning parameters.