LinoStrobe Chromatic Tuner

LinoStrobe Chromatic Tuner

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LinoStrobe Chromatic Tuner v1.14 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

Tune your guitar, uke, violin, … in fact any musical instrument with the speed, accuracy and comfort of true strobe tuning! Simply sound the note to be tuned; it will instantly be recognised and displayed prominently. The strobe ring around it shows through its rotation and color whether you`re flat, sharp, or in tune.

Extremely accurate: in contrast to needle tuners that average out fluctuations, linostrobe faithfully reflects every nuance of your intonation.

Instantaneous response: if you`ve used Cleartune, gStrings or DaTuner before, you`ll love the absence of delay here!

World-class automatic pitch recognition: reliable even for `difficult` (overtone-rich) instruments such as the mbira.

Supreme sensitivity and a clear display: you can even tune from across the room!

This full version is ad-free and offers many adjustable preferences:

Pitch Control
* adjust concert pitch from A₄ = 415 to 466 Hz
* 30 historical and modern temperaments
* calibrate target in cents (% of a semitone)
* auto-calibrate to an external reference tone

* English, German, solfège, sargam, Byzantine,
Cyrillic, and Japanese note names
* support for transposing instruments
* choice of sharps & flats (e.g., C♯ or D♭)

* choose colors for flat, good, and sharp pitch
* max. deviation (in cents) for `good` color
* adjust strobe sensitivity (rotation speed)
* can display the measured frequency in Hz

Linostrobe requires the RECORD_AUDIO permission to access your phone`s microphone. The audio is analyzed on the fly - nothing is actually recorded.

Happy tuning!

- lino

Whats New
Contact us if there`s a problem, we`re happy to help!
Version 1.14, 15 May 2016
* Android 6: request microphone permission
* better help on `audio core not responding`
Version 1.13, 27 Dec 2015
* updated for Android 6 (Marshmallow)
* fixed (again) Samsung issue with missing #/b
Version 1.12, 16 Jan 2015
* fixed crashes & hangs when selecting menu options
* addressed various cosmetic issues on Android 5
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