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SSH Tasker Plugin

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SSH Tasker Plugin v1.0.9 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

SSH Tasker is a plugin for Locale/Tasker that allows you automatically log into a server via SSH and execute remote commands.
* Tasker or Local is require to operate this plugin, the plugin will show up under plugin section when adding an action to a task.
* Keyfile and password authentication is supported with rsa and dsa keys.
* Encrypted keyfiles are supported.
* Commands allow for variable substitution.
* Username, Host, and Port now allow for variable substitution

* Output can be piped to a local Tasker variable (only available during the task) and be acted upon as soon as the command is completed without a Tasker wait.
* Multiple servers are supported, with unique authentication for each.
* Multiple commands can be stringed together using a ;

NOTE: Currently only openSSH keyfile is supported. (This means that connectbot keys will not work without converting them first).

Whats New
* Fixed an issue with permission being denied causing the file picker to show nothing.
* Fixed a bug with mac authentication
* Fixed connections staying open
* Fixed immediate crashing on certain servers
* Added Variable substitution to keyfiles
* BugFixes
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    2.0.1 and up

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