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Market Fixer v2.0.0 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download


Version 2.0.0 Uploaded. I am not sure if Google still have the same bug in Play Store 3.5.15, so I don`t know if this will fix your problem or not. Please test and report. Thanks


IF YOU SEE MESSAGE LIKE `no such table: android_metadata`, then either your market DB is corrupted, or the version is not supported.

This is my attempt to fix the market problem where the `My Apps` section fail to show the Installed and Purchased apps.

What this app does is:
1) load the market database from /data/data/
2) for each record in there, search market
3) if the entry doesn`t exist in the market, flag it and show in the list
4) user select apps/links to remove
5) remove apps/links selected.

I have tested this app on my Atrix, but I believe it should work on other devices as well.

This is tested with Market (Google Play) version 3.4.4 and 3.4.7.

Required access to SD card as the working folder.

Required Network state to check Internet connection.

Required Internet access to compare records to Android Market and to display ads.

Required Kill Backgroun Process permission to kill the market process after the fix.

Please use the Report function if the app crash. Thanks!

For support, discussion, feature request, please go to

Whats New
Attempted to support Play Store version 3.5.15+
Change button color for `Delete Market Apps+Links` - it is mission critical.
Rework dialog handling
Update text label
Added: Set DB path option in the Advanced mode.
Minor bug fix
Correct display message
Removed support to Android 2.1.
New option to clear the market database without removing apps. This will require users to install apps in market after the fix.
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