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Fart Soundboard v1.9 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

You know the `Moo Box` (a box makes moo when you return it), this application allows you to do the same thing with a hundred Farts for a lot of fun!

Functions of the application:
- Press one button to play the corresponding sound
- Play a random sound by turning the phone as a Moo Box!
- Hold down a button to set the sound as ringtone or SMS notification
- Add the Widget to play a random sound from your phone Home

Included in this application:
A function of turning the phone to play a random sound (works like a `moo box`).
Animations to follow the playing sound.
A contextual menu for sound.
Background music to launch the application.
A Widget to launch the application or play a random sound from the home screen.
Near ~ 100 different sounds.
An organization of sounds by section.

- 17 Classic Farts
- 7 Wet Farts

- Special Farts
Foireux Fart, Fart frog Fart a wet, wet Fart 2, 3 Fart wet, wet 4 Fart, Fart gaseous winded Fart, Fart musical Fart slobbering, gas 2 Fart, Fart acute Fart trumpet Fart motorcycle, small fart, Fart Mosquito

- Songs
Jingle bells by farting
Christmas music by farting
Jingle Bells
The Song of Christmas Fart

- Farts with comments
Oh, I made a little fart!
Oops I thought it not get along!
I pray Lord bring forth this demon!
Game of farts in bed

- Farts autographed
Henry (92), Christophe 1 (75), Albert (28), Melissa (USD), Regis (06), Mireille (02), Albert (CA), Serge, Caroline (34), Lulu (91), Nicolas (74), Juliette (06), Johanna (06), Fred (Reunion), Hubert (78), Jacques (75), Momo (93), Mauritius (17), Christophe 2 (75), Momo The bulk (94 ), Florence (67), Ginette (64), Gilles (77), Julie (33)

- Special Farts 2
Fart girl in the water, many Farts, Fart of death!, Fart deaf very smelly, stinking Hyper Small Fart, Fart of bimbo, Fart the toilet, stomach ache Big Man grows, Big poo

- Farts English
Girls 7 + farts Oh no, Godness, Incoming ..., Cat and Pig

- Diarrhea (hidden section : do not listen to these sounds, they are horrible!)
7 sounds Diarrhea

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