Corrosion CPDE Pro

Corrosion CPDE Pro

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Corrosion CPDE Pro v1.0 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

Cathodic Protection Design Estimator Pro.

What every corrosion engineer and technician needs?

For all you Cathodic Protection Needs.

Ohm`s Law
-Parallel Resistance

-Magnesium Anode
-Zinc Anode
-Aluminum Anode
-Practical Galvanic Series
-Ohm Shunt Conversion

Impress Current
-Shunt Reading
-Single Vertical Anode
-Multiple Vertical Anodes
-Multiple Horizontally Anodes
-Deep Anode Ground Bed
-Total Circuit Resistance
-Rectifier Efficiency
-AC Output Wattage
-DC Output Wattage
-Number of Anodes Required (Current Discharge)

General Equations
-Current requirement
-Number of Anodes Required
-Surface area of a pipe
-Surface area of a tank
-Area of a Circle
-Area of a Triangle
-Area of a Rectangle
-Cable Resistance
-Linear Interpolation
-Linear Extrapolation


iApp Production does not accept any responsibility for the use of these equations and or charts that are discuss within this software application. While iApp Production makes every effort to provide accurate and complete infomation. The information is advisory only and the use of the equations and charts are solely at risk of the user.
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