CSY: Color Difference Pro

CSY: Color Difference Pro

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CSY: Color Difference Pro v2.2 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

So you enjoy the free CSY:Color Difference app, allowing you to capture any color you like. It shows you other colors at a fixed color distance from the color you picked.
It inspires you with the surprising colors that prove to be related to the colors you captured in your house or office! It also provides immediate visual understanding what it means when two colors are separated by a certain deltaE value.
The free CSY:Color Difference app makes you to reorient and rotate your smartphone or tablet around you, thus giving a better understanding of colorspace around the colors you catched.

If you really want even more than this, then try out CSY: Color Difference Pro. Of course, it lets you get rid of the ads. But it also allows you to conveniently capture colors around you with the in-app camera, and finetune them further. It also helps you to not only send e-mails to friends or colleagues in order to communicate about colors you found, but in the Pro version you add images with these colors to the e-mails.

All this - and we didn`t yet mention the favorites list where you can store your favorite colors.

CSY: ColorDifference is brought to you by CSY Color Science for You!

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Screen resolution handling was improved, so now almost all new high-resolution displays of phones and tablets should be taken care of.
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