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Movie AR 5 v1.1 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

‘Movie AR 5’ is an augmented reality demo which gives the user an overview of the movie he’s going to watch. This demo app helps users to scan the movie brochure and see the trailer of the upcoming movies.
This app contains the example of four movies. Just download the app, scan the movie brochure “movies.jpg” from , tap the play button on the “2 States” , “Safe Haven” etc movies and you will see the exciting trailer of the movie.
Key Functionality:
• Watch trailer of the movie on scanned pictures.
• Activate Extended Tracking.
• Manage camera functions: flash and continuous autofocus.
• Point your camera at movies.jpg image.
• On scanning the image, Tap the “play” button to watch the trailer in full screen.
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