Nautical Calculator Pro

Nautical Calculator Pro

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Nautical Calculator Pro v5.2.1 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

Nautical Calculator Pro is the most complete application that solves the navigation calculations

The main features are :

- Calculate Route (solves 2nd navigation problem)
- Calculate point on Rhumb Line (solves 1st navigation problem)
- Calculate point on Great Circle (solves 1st navigation problem)
- Calculate point on WGS84 (solves 1st navigation problem)
- Calculate Average speed
- E.T.A. calculation
- Waypoint route
- Route mix with parallel limit
- Rhumb Line Parallel/Meridian intersection
- Follow on same Rhumb Line route
- Opposite course rendez vous
- Calculate Amplitude at sunset and sunrise and magnetic compass deviation
- Solves Drift problem
- Solves Tides problem
- Solves Tidal current problem
- Wind calculation with Beaufort classification
- ABC Tables (azimuth, initial course, right ascension with unknow star)
- Nautical almanac
- Celestial Navigation with position line
- Meridian transit
- Celestial observation
- Coastal navigation
- Wheel Over

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Whats New
- Fix bug on calculation of waypoint
- Fix bug show Gps enable/disable always
- Add feature `Tidal current`
- Add feature `Point on WGS84`
- Add on feature `Route` calculation for WGS84
- Add on feature `Nautical almanac` the interval of observation
- Show graph inside view of features: Route, Waypoint and Route mix
- Data exportable in PDF format
- Fix minor bug
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    4.0 and up

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