Fain TV – Free Mobile TV

Fain TV – Free Mobile TV

9,089 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
Fain TV – Free Mobile TV v4.3 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

◎ Anytime, anywhere
Bring your favorite TV shows in your smart phone. You can watch it anytime and anywhere.

◎ All genres included
Fain TV provides news, sports, entertainment, drama, movies, animation… all genres included.

◎ As many as you can imagine
Thousands of VOD programs are available here.

◎ Live news & sports, no delay
Real time broadcast with no delay.

Whats New
1. 修正播放時的手勢偵測動作
2. 優化授權碼行為,現在輸入成功的授權碼將自動記憶,下次觀看時不用再輸入一次
3. 修改節目表顯示2天=>7天
4. 新增熱搜功能
5. 優化廣告系統
6. 新增紅利點數觀看頻道功能
7. 優化系統效能,修正部份手機出現的異常狀況
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