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BAC Guru v1.1 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

BAC GURU (Blood alcohol content Guru) is one of the most complete alcohol estimators to use when you go out with your friends. The application will show you the estimated BAC based on the data you provided (weight and gender), the amount of alcohol you consumed and the time elapsed after your drinks. Also you will have available the time required to be capable to drive, in case you need it, and the time to fully recover (sober), in case you work. The Guru will help you get a better handle of your drinks, but more important will help you be more aware of physical state while you socialize with family and friends. So the next time you go out to drink wine, beer, mixed drinks or whiskey download the app and estimate the alcohol in your blood before you end up doing something you regret.

The Guru also gives you the option to track the costs of your drinks so you don’t exceed your budget.
Other features:
- Browse your drink from a list of the most popular beers and mixed drinks around the world.
- Create your own drinks in case you like craft beer, one of thousands of wines or other drinks, and save them as your favorites to log your drinks fast. (be accurate with the oz and the alcohol percent)
- A drink history to track the amount of beers or mixed drinks you have had over a period of time.
- Take a pic or a selfie option
- Create your own memes and share them.
Now you can have more fun drinking beer, taking selfies and creating memes and uploading them to the social media when you go out drinking with a tool that could save your life if it is used wisely. A tool easy to use, small in size and ….. for free. Help yourself by drinking responsibly and don’t be part of another DUI statistic.

Whats New
v 1.1
+ Fixed bug when user add a price to created drink
+ Other improvements and bug fixes
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