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DG Piano Chords v1.2 Apk [Pro] - Application Apk Download

New Piano Chords for Android devices. [for Android 4.0.3, API 15, or newer]

12 keys, 18 chords per key, 3+ inversions per chord, for a total of 840 chords. This application does not use a database; it computes all chords based on interval theory.

Includes the following chords in all 12 keys: major, minor, 7, m7, maj7, 6, m6, 6/9, 9, m9, maj9, augmented, diminished, diminished 7th, 7+5, 7-5, sus4, 7sus4.

Straight-forward piano chord selections for all sorts of keyboard players (beginners, amateurs, and professionals). Easy-to-use interface, with all options on one screen. No hidden options, no nasty ads, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG).

Displays chord notes and intervals.

The application displays in landscape mode, and feels comfortable at 800x480 pixels (4.3 in, or bigger), and HD (1920x1080) screens.

NOTE: The application does not produce any sounds, it only displays finger positions.

For more information, refer to the support pages.

Whats New
- Increased the size of the keyboard area, and the fonts, so that it becomes easier to read on bigger screens.
- Added hyperlink menu items to Home and Help web pages.
- Fixed bug where the font for the Key buttons was not resizing properly on large screens.
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