DGT GTD Toodledo plugin [Beta]

DGT GTD Toodledo plugin [Beta]

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DGT GTD Toodledo plugin [Beta] v0.1.32 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download


This is a FREE! extension for `DGT GTD & ToDo` that lets you synchronize with Toodledo.

Launch this extension through footer icon in DGT GTD > `Utilities` > `Synchronize Now`.

Note: work-in-progress

Toodledo® is registered trademark (http://www.toodledo.com).
DGT GTD is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Toodledo Company.

Make sure that you completely understand the potential risks before you start using this synchronization software.
Please be aware that this extension is still in alpha stage, therefore loss of data from your device or Toodledo account might happen. If you want to give DGT GTD a try, please create a temporary Toodledo account or do frequent backup of your existing account.
The use of this software is done at your own discretion and risk and with agreement that you will be solely responsible for loss of data that results from such activities.
You are solely responsible for adequate protection and backup of the data.
No advice or information, whether oral or written, obtained by you from me or from my website shall create any warranty for the software.

- sync folders
- sync contexts
- sync tags
- sync goals
- sync tasks
- sync notebooks
- advanced repeat options

Known DGT Toodledo Sync. limitations:
- Locations not yet supported

Toodledo.com limitations:
- Requires paid PRO account for project and checklists to sync properly (hierarchy feature is supported only for Toodledo.com PRO accounts)
- PRO accounts support only 1 hierarchy level, in other words Toodledo.com PRO doesn`t support multi-level subprojects
- FREE accounts don`t support hierarchy at all
- Tag : A comma separated string listing the tags assigned to this task. Up to 64 characters !
- `Additional notes` of tasks are not supported

Take it or leave it. I`m sorry for that but I`m in charge of enhancing the DGT GTD and I don`t have time to find workarounds to the Toodledo.com limitations.

Whats New
beta 0.1.32 (23 Nov 2014)
-WIFI connection behind a proxy is now supported
-Archived folders are now hidden in the Folders list. Changing the Folders visibility in DGT GTD implies archiving in Toodledo
beta 0.1.31 (12 July 2014)
-Fix Background sync to Toodledo crash on JB or higher Android versions
beta 0.1.30 (04 May 2014)
-Changed default value for `Support Toodledo `Optionally On`` checkbox; now its default value is `unchecked` to avoid that Toodledo deletes your floating tasks.
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