Yield Costing (made simple)

Yield Costing (made simple)

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Yield Costing (made simple) v1.2 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

This app provides a simple solution for catering and hospitality professionals to calculate accurate cost prices for ingredients and recipes, taking into account raw wastage and cooking loss.

The user selects or inputs:
1. A currency (i.e. GBP)
3. Ingredient or product name
4. Supplier purchase (cost) price of ingredient or product name
5. Gross weight/measure before preparation or cooking
6. Wastage weight/measure after preparation or cooking
7. Amount of raw or cooked ingredient used in a recipe

The app will calculate true costs associated with these food items. In this way, accurate prices for ingredients and recipes can be calculated.

For example: the app will calculate the true price of an alcoholic reduction; calculate the true cost of a 60g portion of prepared broccoli; or calculate the financial effect of cooking loss on pork belly when portioning the cooked food by weight.

Multi-functional, this app provides accurate prices in an instant for chefs on the go, featuring US, UK and Metric weights and measures. These are divided into 3 categories: Mass & Weight; Liquid Volume; Dry Volume. Notably, the user can convert between weights and measures within each category. On a very practical level, this app aids in developing sensible pricing strategies for caterers and hospitality professionals.

Company Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/CulinaryC

Whats New
- Improved screen image: embedded colour on each screen to enhance the viewing experience; language simplified; and font size larger
- Updated Cooking Loss and Raw Wastage toggle button for easier transition
- Updated weights and measures toggle button for easier navigation
- Numerical values boxes simplified to allow easier input of numbers
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