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Cell Tracker Pro

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Cell Tracker Pro v1.6 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

An awesome route tracking application.
*Works even without GPS.*
*Completely Free.*

The location information is not sent outside of the app. It is just used within the app to show the tracks of your visits. Hence no privacy issues.

Use Cell Tracker app to keep track of the location of your cell. Track all the locations you have visited in the last few days with your Android phone. To check the locations visited you have to launch the app and click on View Now. No need to turn on the GPS. This application works even without GPS. The application collects location info once every 0.5 hours (configurable using app settings) through GPRS/Wi-Fi and hence the impact on battery is minimal.

NOTE: The `Use Wireless Location` in Settings->Location should be enabled for obtaining the location of the deviceWhen the application is launched first time, it may take up to 10 min to get location information.Also there could be an error of around 100 metres in some areas.

Few usecases of Cell Tracker-
On a tour and Want to know where all you have been in last 3 days? Just have this app installed and log into our website and you can check the places visited- Want to check where your dear ones have visited in last few days or just in last couple of hours!!
Install this app in their phone and when they are back just open the app and check the cell track.
At the end of the, at around 9:00 PM (configurable) the app will display a notification and show you your track of the day.

How it works
- Install the app
- Enable the check box to enable tracking of your device. The app then collects location info using GPRS or Wi-Fi every 0.5 hours.- Click on View Now link in the app and you will see the tracks of the cell (locations visited) on Google Map view.
- You can choose to disable collecting location info by unchecking the check box in the app`s main view
- You can clear all the location information stored by using Clear data option in the options menu

If you find any issues or the app doesn`t meet your expectations, do mail us. We will try to address your grievances. Thank you!

Permissions Used:
1. Coarse/fine (network-based) location
Required to get the latitude and longitude of the cell phone

2. Full Internet access
For viewing Google Map view and also for displaying ads.

3. Read phone state and identity
Required by Ad networks

4. Automatically start at boot
Required to start collecting location information after the cell phone restarts.

Whats New
Users can now view each day tracks on Map view.
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