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Lightning v1.11 Apk [Unlock All Fiture] - Application Apk Download

The original Android Lightning distance calculator. Press the top button when you see the flash, press the bottom one when you hear the thunder. The distance is shown in Miles and KM, up to 20 Miles. If you like, you can also start and stop the timer with the Camera button, trackball, or D-Pad.

Fun and educational, it`s also useful for outdoor activities where lightning may be a hazard (handy for lifeguards, referees, playground helpers, etc.).

Not recommended for artillery spotting...

Suggestions welcome - please email me.

This App will never contain annoying ads - ever!


Lightning uses the following permissions ONLY:

Modify/delete SD card contents. Not that it really *does* anything with the SD card...

System tools
Prevent phone from sleeping

Phone calls
Read phone state and identity

The last one is a result of building for Android 1.6 compatibility - Lightning does *NOT* actually access the phone information in any way.

Whats New
Chinese (zh) localization courtesy of
New feature: The History page shows the elapsed time between now and the last entry (up to 99 hours). This is a convenient way to tell how long it`s been since the storm has past. This was a user-request - keep them coming!
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