Hourly chime PRO

Hourly chime PRO

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Hourly chime PRO v4.11.2 Apk [Premium] - Application Apk Download

What`s more in PRO version:
- TTS (TextToSpeech) - download additional TTS software like IVONA Text-to-Speech HQ
- option to follow phone volume
- option to turn on/off all chimes
- widget to turn on/off all chimes
- unlimited chime length

- hours to set (ie. from 8AM to 10AM and from 2PM to 4PM)
- chime (sound) - any sound from phone - no need to download and pay for additional ringtones
- chime volume - individual level for each chime
- days of week (ie. Mon-Wed and Friday)
- chime in silent mode
- chime in vibrate mode
- vibration
- chime at :15, :30, :45 min
- chime in wired headset mode
- chime in Bluetooth headset mode
- chime only when screen is on
- chime during phone call

No Ads. Small application size.

NOTICE: Don`t move application to sdCard - it won`t work properly.

NOTICE: Don`t use task killers.

MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - detect whether headset is connected.
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - backup&restore settings.
READ_PHONE_STATE - check if phone call is active to chime or not

Whats New
Fixed battery drain under some conditions.
TTS texts are saved to audio files and then played like standard beeps - before they were spoken directly by TTS service which resulted in some delay. You need to view each chime definition to generate those files - otherwise TTS will be handled like before.
Small UI changes.