FVPlayer-floating video player

FVPlayer-floating video player

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FVPlayer-floating video player v1.1 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

FVPlayer is a floating video player.
You could watch a video while browsing the web, doing your email, or using any other app on your tablet or phone.

Lets say you are stuck in a level of your favourite game. And you have a video walkthrough, with FVPlayer you can watch the video and simultaneously cross the level. You can watch computer programming tutorials and also read through references/documentations. The window being resizable also minimizable, makes this possible.
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You can also watch a movie and at the same time chat with your friends!!
You can also use the proximity sensor to play/pause anytime!

It includes an enhanced gallery which loads all videos present on your device`s internal/external memory.You also have the liberty to set the initial launch width and height of the video.

This app gives a complete desktop experience on your device.

FVPlayer presently only supports those formats which are playable with default android video player(.3gp,.mp4).

█ How to use the application ?
Please read the `HELP` located in action bar.

stackoverflow forums for every step in development process,
newboston and mybringback for tutorials,
boomtech.in for initial startup.

Note: Performance depends on device`s processor.

Lastly and most importantly, feel free to report any bugs.
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