Futuristic Flashlight

Futuristic Flashlight

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Futuristic Flashlight v1.1 Apk [full] - Application Apk Download

YEAR 2048. Post apocalyptic era. Darkness dominates on earth. Good reliable and brightest flashlight is your only friend!
This flashlight is always ON until you turn it off yourself!

• Futuristic design meets future style of year 2048.
• Maximum brightness of your LED light makes it the brightest flashlight on the store
• Reliable, since it remains active while make/receive calls, launch another app, screen locks, etc.

If our flashlight has issues on your particular device please don’t rate it 1 star and write us in comments or email and we will do our best to make it work on your device too. We do really appreciate your help!

P.S (Flashlight will not work properly if you have Face Unlock enabled, as the camera cannot be accessed by two apps at the same time)

Whats New
• Upgraded for Android 5 Lollipop
• Graphics modified
Video Trailer
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