Orlando Nerd Fest 2014

Orlando Nerd Fest 2014

21 500 - 1,000
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Orlando Nerd Fest is a huge collaborative effort to create the world`s largest music festival that focuses on Nerd Culture! ONF2014 takes place Aug 7th-11th at the Orlando Airport Marriott.

The official Orlando Nerd Fest 2014 app is your digital guide to everything going on at Orlando Nerd Fest!

Hosted by God of War composer Gerard Marino, we`re bringing you 5 days of amazing music with 60+ bands and tons of fun!

For headliners we`ve got Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu and his band the Earthbound Papas, World of Warcraft composer Jason Hayes and his band Critical Hit, steampunk troupe Steam Powered Giraffe, visual kei j-rock band ViViD, actor/director Johnny Yong Bosch and his band Eyeshine, rock opera URIZEN, Wordburglar, MC Frontalot, MC Lars, YTCracker, Sci-Fried, Kirby Krackle, Professor Shyguy, Random aka Mega Ran and K-Murdock, The Megas, Sch‰ffer the Darklord, Scrub Club Records, the Delegation Music Collective, and snarky sisters The Doubleclicks!!

We also have My Parents Favorite Music, Devo Spice, the great Luke Ski, Richie Branson, Benjamin Briggs, Random Encounter, Music Intellectually Lives Downô, Those Who Fight, Metroid Metal, Eight Bit Disaster, Dr. Awkward, The Shinobi MC, Mayor Wertz, Marc With a C, MC Ohm-I, Chaotic Logic, BFunk20XX, Milk Carton Superstars, Claire and The Potatoes, Danger Boyco, MadHatter, King Pheenix, StarF, Sammus, Armcannon, Killer Robots!, Former Fat Boys, MagiTek, HDninja, 2 Mello, E-Turn and SPS, The Detectives, Dj CUTMAN, RPG-Unit, Doug Funnie (Nerdcore), R. Garcia and the Nerd Parade, Dj RoboRob, The Returners - VGM, Projekt Zero, Lucio Baldomero aka Luciopro, Shammers, EyeQ, 1-UP Creative Mind Frame, DJ Cylon, MC Wreckshin, Descendants of Erdrick, Soup Or Villainz, Bit Brigade, and more!

Special Events include things such as Skill Focus: Burlesque doing 2 special shows at the festival and Johnny Yong Bosch doing 2 VIP meet and greets! Multiple acts are doing autograph and photo sessions! Cosplay Contest! Open Mics and Jamspaces!

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Update for 2015. Get ready for ONF2015!
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